Player Start

Setting: It’s almost midday as you travel down a curving, dirt road leading past a few empty houses. You soon arrive at the gates to the town of Zodrie. The jagged and crumbling masonry seems to have been a large wall enclosing the shops and residencies within, but now only the towers have been maintained. The walls lie in ruins, with makeshift wooden planking forming a fence to dissuade wildlife where the stone and brick fails.
Within the walls of the town, some manner of festival is taking place. A few jugglers and entertainers mill about, attempting to cheer the bedraggled townsfolk. Any activities they partake in are done so halfheartedly, and most seem more interested in drinking or milling about randomly. Many of them are injured, and few seem to have a lot of valuables or coin.
An inn nearby lies with doors swung open, allowing townsfolk to come and go as they please. Other shops, including a magic shop, weapons and armor, and supplies, seem to be similarly taking advantage of the traffic, with their most valuable meager wares displayed at the front of the store. Even so, not many seem interested in spending money they don’t appear to have.
A crowd gathers in front of a stage, in an open space of road between shops. A man stands atop the stage, and by his clothing, he appears to be the mayor of the town. He is in a similar state as the townsfolk, with dirty clothing and little adornments on his person.
The mayor speaks to the crowd excitedly, “come one and all, come up if you are brave enough for my task! Prove yourselves, save the town, and earn riches!”

The Tests


Wyne’s Inn
Bilia’s Magic
Giles Weapons and Armor
Rarder and Enell Rayte’s General Goods

Goblin Attack

The Town
Missing Defenders
The Forest
Captured Goblin
The Mine

Awakening Joyce



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