The Tests

Mayor(Mesym Mery)

The reward for defeating the goblins is 1,000GP, and the PCs choice of one magical weapon each.
The mayor presents a test of strength, aim, or wits to the PCs. The test of strength has the PC bout with the mayors personal guard, the test of aim has them hit a target at thirty feet, and the test of wits has them compete with the mayors adviser in chess.

Test of Strength: First to ten hits wins. Hits deal fake damage, and after taking 20 damage, contestants must make a fortitude save DC 10 + damage after 20.

Test of Aim: Score twenty points. 1-10=0 points, 11-14=5 points, 15-17=10 points, and 18-20=20 points. They have three tries.

Test of Wits: Wisdom vs adviser, +1 point. Knowledge History check, DC 15, +1 point. Perception vs adviser wisdom, +1 point. Intelligence vs adviser, +1 point.

The Tests

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