On the way to Dehsonne, PCs roll perception. On 10, they know something is tracking them through the forest. On 15, they know it’s just more goblins. The goblins will attack the PCs at night and attempt to take Joyce.
It is a two day journey to Dehsonne, and on the end of the second day, they get to Dehsonne. Joyce pays the PCs and goes to stay in the inn, saying that she will try to find someone to take her the rest of the way in a few days. She says that she has no more money, but that her relatives will probably reward anyone who takes her.

As the PCs enter town, they pass rows of houses. They all seem to be deserted, and there is some kind of ruckus toward the center of town. A large crowd has gathered around the crossroads at the middle of town, and there is a brawl between two combatants going on.
The crowd seems to be either chanting for the Merys to win, or for the Briarshirkes. The Merys end up winning, and the Briarshirke brawler is dragged off to the southwest. There does not appear to be any authority figures(besides the heads of the Merys and Briarshirkes) in the area. The Briarshirkes are booed away, and the crowd begins to disperse, speaking loudly about the events.

A common looking man approaches the PCs. He asks if they are adventurers, and if they would like to make some money by clearing out the local crypt of an infestation. Before they have a chance to get paid in advance(or disagree), a tall figure approaches. “Get lost, Briarshirke,” he says. The man scuttles off, and the tall man introduces himself as Jen of the Merys. He pays the PCs 100gp, saying that they should stay away from the crypt. He then leaves, and the crowd is dispersed by this point.

Town Hierarchy:

Cynhelm(Captain of the Watch)

Bran (The Duke) Mery(Household Patriarch)
Helia Mery(Household Matriarch)
Rose Mery(Bran and Helia’s daughter)
Eallar Mery(Bran’s brother)
Jen Mery(Eallar’s first son)
Warda Mery(Eallar’s second son)

Abel Briarshirke(Household Matriarch)
Riffin Briarshirke(Abel’s son)
Malia Briarshirke(Abel’s daughter)
Ames Lonnen(Abel’s brother)
Ichol Lonnen(Ames’ first son)
Dene Lonnen(Ames’ second son)
Hingfre Lonnen(Ames’ third son)


Mayor’s Manor
Watch Post
Mery Manor
Briarshirke Manor
Magical Magic Shop(Martin)
Knife and Buckler(Arior)
[[Suse’s Wares | Suse’s Wares]](Suse)
Briarshirke Inn(Aemard)
Servants Quarters( Briarshirke Inn)
The Crypt


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